Tuesday, June 22, 2010

collaboration time!!!

collaboration time!!!

Mr. Caroot 2.4" high original resin figure designed by Sam Arshawsky.
It is hand casted & hand painted. Not exactly a limited run, but they will be signed and numbered by Sam Arshawsky & Mad Joe. The toy has one point of articulation (The Head). Sculpture by mad joe customizer of Overkill Creations.

Mr. Caroot Former underground fighter and boxer turned Mutant Veggie by Rabid Radio active Carrot. Now he is the supreme being; Half-man, Half-Carrot. This version of Caroot is the single Caroot version. Human Caroot coming soon. Mr. Caroot comes with a human head and carrot body featuring green pipe cleaner hair.

at the garglemesh store


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