Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sketchbot - Custom Show no. 2 at Munky King

With the future release of the new colourways of Sketchbot, comes another Sketchbot custom show. This show will be taking place at Munky King in LA, on Friday, November 19th, from 7pm - 10pm. This date coincides with Designer Con, as that is set to open the following night. The line up for this custom show is second to none, and if the customs from the last show are anything to go by, this is going to be one awesome show.

Taking part in this show are : SOL Mike Bell  Overkill Creations  Betso  Squink  Kat Brunnegraff  Rusted Halo  Clutter Magazine  Mr Munk  Paul Kaiju  Dodgrr  valleydweller  Kelly Denato  Grimsheep  Emily Bee  Ritzy P  Brian Ewing  Jimmy Foo  Alisa Furchess-Ross  George Gaspar  Ayleen Gaspar  Mister Toast  Kevin Gosselin  Michael Gulen  Nathan Hamill  Monstafaktory  Triclops  James Yeah  Ragnar  Lunartik  Jon-Paul Kaiser  Frank Kozik  PodgyPanda  David Lanham  Phu  Rohby  Abe Lincoln Jr.  Sarah Jo Marks  Drew Millward  Lunabee  Callgrim  Pocket Wookie  Lap Ngo  TaskOne  Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica  David Palieri  Atomos  map-map  Dave Pressler  Gumpy Revolution  Huge "Dred" Rose  Cris Rose  Scribe  Reuben Rude  Chris Ryniak  Scottoons  Paul Shih  Mike Slobot  Shawnimal  Bwana Spoons  Holly Stanway  Troy Stith  Spanky Stokes  Steve Talkowski  Cameron Tiede  Bucky Lastard  Scott Tolleson  Kingquan  Baby vTec  Euralis Weekes  Julie West  Jenny Wolf  Yoshii  JRYU  ManOne  Rsinart  Phetus

In addition to this, Steve will be dropping Sketchbot DIY Blank figures at these events, so you can now grab your own Sketchbot to custom as you wish.  

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