Friday, January 28, 2011

mad joes open invite MAD collaboration project

ok so this is the deal .... let make a massive line of figures to go along side of the old KINNIKUMAN/MUSCLE figures ... lets make them so we can trade them and sell them with each other ... and as for the people that dont have the means to mold and cast im offering to mold and cast you 20!!! of your figure for FREE "thats unheard of shit" just so we can pull of a really good massive collaboration, so get a hold of me soot me an email with mad collaboration as the subject




as of now i have
halfbadtoyz on the band wagon with his Fruit Fighter so come on guys lets crank this shit out Y0!!!

all the info in detail (terms and conditions)


A new page has turned In the custom figure world.

Mad Joe Customizer is announcing the first of a series of tributes to the classic lines of Muscle -


He is offering this unheard of opportunity!

If you send your sculpture (compatible in size and style to Kinnikuman) to him,

he will mold it free!

This what you get:

You will retain rights to your creation

You will get it molded for free

You will get 20 castings for free

Your piece will be included in the master series ( 20 set run ) of the 5 figures produced for the month. that will sold a month after you have received your 20 figures

the project has to be funded some how right? and thats what the sales of the master set is doing...

You will get full credit for your work

Your work will be featured in a mini book about the series! with info on the artists

as for the artist that have their own means production i guess you dont really need my help but i still want you to be part of the collaboration

and i would also like to include you in the mini book in order to help promote your figures (so people know how to get a hold of you in order to buy or trad figures with you ) ..

as for a time line-dead line, i will only be doing 5 figures (from 5 artist) a month and i will be doing this for as long as i can keep it going...

This project is focused on promoting the upcoming artists and customizers

and paying a tribute to the great Kinnikuman- Muscle line. "its just a big ass artist promotion project"

Sculptures can be made from scratch or be pieced together (some good old kit bashing) from other toys.

as for artist that cant sculpt or kitbash i just dont have the time to sculpt stuff four you guys ... =(

to submit your figures :

email me to confirm so i can email you the shipping address

so if you have any other question please get back to me asap

oh and it will be first come first serve !

mad joe customizer


  1. I might be up for that too, Fernando!

  2. Totally in! Will you catalogue and number all releases?

  3. Email sent - this sounds like a blast!

  4. yeah i what to do a monthly release of figures and i also want to do a poster or some sort of check list like the old figures had

  5. What an incredible idea - you are my new hero for offering to do this. I am working on sculpt right now that I will have to send you way!

  6. @King.the.100t awsome bro love your blog spot man!

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  8. Im in man! time to start sculpting!!

  9. Such a great idea.....I definitely want to do something for on it's way!

  10. How do I get my hands on one of those rotor figures? Those are tight.